Dandie name (or part name):

Three Counties

Malvern, 10th June 2017. Judge: Mrs E P Hollings.

Dog CC Deacon's Ch./Am GCh. Pennywise On The Road Again
Reserve Dog CC Harcourt-Morris's Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourt
Bitch CC & BOB Tinsley's Cloverwood Ice And Fire
Reserve Bitch CC Milton's Ch. Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
Best Puppy Harcourt-Morris's Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourt

Puppy Dog1st: Harcourt-Morris's Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourt
Well, this was a good start. A charming young man. Lovely expression from well placed big round, eye that are set in well. Has a strong clean head. Good foreface to big nose. Strong neck sits into good layback of shoulder. Has good depth, correct length of shapely body. Obviously not finished yet, but goes well and upped his game in the challenge keeping a typical outline to take the RCC & BP.

Junior Dog1st: Allen's Dandiroyal Sweet William
Strong underjaw. Pleasing head with good skull and typical silky topknot. He is shapely in outline. Could be a touch more in control when moving. He is a cheery fellow. Has type and should come on well.

Limit Dog1st: Booth's Borderstone Kingman for Lannia
Smart, typy, did his job to advantage. Big head, but not out of proportion. Clean cheeks, correct stop and eye, so presented a dignified outlook. Developed neck and good lay of shoulder into well laid shoulder. Has depth of brisket. Good legs and long shapely body. His topcoat is crisp. Moved with free action.
2nd: Rolland's Dandiroyal Diggory Delvet
Performed to advantage. Lovely chap. His outline states the breed having the slight low from shoulder and curve over loin. He is masculine and clean throughout.
3rd: Kurg's Hawkesmill Jefferson at Etsill
Res: Jacka-Slater's Pennywave Lone Ranger

Open Dog1st: Deacon's Ch./Am GCh. Pennywise On The Road Again
Takes your eye on entering the ring. Masculine, clean, short legs, but ground cover and the typical low at shoulder and rise over his firm loin. The tail is set following on from croup and held correctly. He goes with a confident purposeful action. CC.
2nd: Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith
What a pleasing character this honest, typy dog has. Hands on he fulfils the Standard. Nothing overdone. Appealing head with big round eye set in well. Has correct stop and strength in muzzle with big nose. Shapely body. Linty undercoat and harsh topcoat. He has an air about him moving.

Puppy Bitch1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Yours Truly
What a charmer. Full of personality. Just so full of breed essentials hands on. Not a lot to change here. Immaculate presentation and coat. Goes as expected, when looking at construction and balance. Another from this kennel out of the top drawer.
2nd: Sheppard's Dentgate Sugarberries at Thystine
Giving a lot in age and maturity. She has quality and type to grow into. Moves straight and true. Should come on well.

Junior Bitch1st: Rolland's Dandiroyal Sophie
15 months. Feminine and in correct body. Pleasing head, with broad skull, has dome to forehead and clean cheeks. Decent neck into layback of shoulder. Good front legs with deep chest. Has rise over croup and the slight fall of the croup to good set on and wagging tail. Good width of bum. Goes well.

Limit Bitch1st: Jacka-Slater's Cloverwood Duchess May
Lovely expression from round well placed eye. Good head proportions. Tidy in from with depth of rib and well placed legs. Good ribbing and strength in loin making for shapely outline. Moved well most of the time. Did just have a skip over the grass at times.

Open Bitch1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Ice And Fire
This young lady put everything into it. She has a beautiful head, strong underjaw. Certain elegance. Her forehand is classic for the breed. Length of muscular neck through lay of shoulder. Ribs are sprung with depth and brisket. Legs are short with enough ground cover to provide easy reach. Her long flexible body is low at the shoulder and has the strength in loin to give that typical topline. Her tail is set and used to advantage. Short strong hock to provide push from behind. A smasher. CC & BOB.
2nd: Milton's Ch. Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
I have rewarded this quality girl before, didnít realise at the time, but on knowledge realised why she pushed winner all the way. She has balance and shape, with an abundance of typical features. In immaculate order and performs with a confidence that shows her quality. RCC.
3rd: Chapman-King's Inzievar Gold Spark
Res: Harcourt-Morris's Dainty Dandies Royal Dutch Emma Lenacourt
VHC: Rolland's Dandiroyal Puddleglum