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DDTC Open Show

Newchurch Parish Hall, Culcheth, 23rd April 2017. Judge: Mrs Margaret Russell (Hawkesmill).


My thanks to the committee for inviting me today at this very well run show and also my two stewards for their help

I felt that the occasional dog appeared to lack topline - a very important part of the breed. Some had eyes lighter than I like. A Dandie should have a melting expression which in my opinion is best achieved with a darker eye. All were cleanly and of smart presentation. I only spotted one mouth that I thought suspect. Movement is improving somewhat but still has a way to go on some and length is better than it was at one time. Several dogs appeared to be rather long in the foreface, not having the required "3 is to 5" as described in the standard which makes them look odd and spoils that all important Dandie Expression. Heads on many need to grow on, but this is a slow maturing breed where this point can take up to 3 years to develop fully.

Best Dog Booth's Borderstone Kingman for Lannia Winners photo
Reserve Best Dog Deacon's Am GCh. Pennywise On The Road Again
Best Bitch & BIS Tinsley's Cloverwood Ice And Fire
Reserve Best Bitch Drake's Tollcross Thistledown
Best Puppy Tinsley's Cloverwood Yours Truly
Best Veteran Bell's Kirkhalin Mystic Prudence from Reidswire

Minor Puppy Dog1st: Cavanagh's German Dandies' Zorro at Puddockswell
Lovely 7 month old pepper. Long and weasely. I liked his muzzle to skull proportions. He had a good topline and tailset, dark eye, strong mouth and was happy on the move although a little lose behind perhaps but purposeful all the same. BPD.
German Dandies' Zorro at Puddockswell
2nd: Hubbard's Dryfevalley Johnny Fox
9 month Mustard, sweet expression presented with a good jacket. Not quite the length of 1.
Dryfevalley Johnny Fox
3rd: Henry's Trinzy CenturionTrinzy Centurion

Junior Dog1st: Brown's Great Gatsby ze Zihelske ZahradyGreat Gatsby ze Zihelske Zahrady

Novice Dog1st: Brown's Great Gatsby ze Zihelske Zahrady
12 months Pepper with that solemn Dandie expression on a head which could be more developed to balance his ears, but that should come with time. Long strong neck into a body with a short crisp jacket. He looked good as he moved across the floor, his back legs reaching well under him as he strode along. One who I'm sure will give his young handler a lot of pleasure as time goes on.
Great Gatsby ze Zihelske Zahrady

Graduate Dog1st: Drake's Tollcross Tartan Tavish
This pepper boy is all male, well muscled with punishing teeth and bite. He has a long neck into a topline which he kept well on the move as he strode out smartly around the ring.
Tollcross Tartan Tavish

Limit Dog1st: Booth's Borderstone Kingman for Lannia
Pepper dog. I loved his length. Head broad on a strong neck into long weasly body which is well muscled I liked his rear angulation and his muzzle to skull proportions better mover than 2. BD.
Borderstone Kingman for Lannia
2nd: Sleight's Bonnybeck Moonlight Bay
Mustard. Big dark nose with good mouth and strong teeth. Plenty of jacket on his strong well muscled body. Not quite the length and his movement when viewed from behind. Not as positive as 1.
Bonnybeck Moonlight Bay
3rd: Bamber's Dentgate Mutuca IndicoliteDentgate Mutuca Indicolite

Open Dog1st: Deacon's Am GCh. Pennywise On The Road Again
Mustard shown in a good jacket. Masculine head. Large eye, long strong neck, well defined fore-chest, deep ribcage. Does his job well. RBD.
Pennywise On The Road Again
2nd: Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith
Cleanly and well presented Mustard who has a good muzzle to skull ratio, large clean teeth with correct bite, well muscled throughout. Not quite the topline of 1 and a little straighter in front. Neat, well set tail.
Inzievar The Goldsmith

Minor Puppy Bitch1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Yours Truly
Delightfiil pepper girl. Head / muzzle proportions good, fine ears, good mouth and teeth. Lovely neck long body with the ribs to loin ratio correct. Nice jacket. Positive movement for one so young. Loved her. BPIS.
Cloverwood Yours Truly

Puppy Bitch1st: Rolland's Dandiroyal Sophie
Neat pepper bitch, very dark pigment, crisp dark jacket which was of good length. Won this class with her correct weasly shaped topline which she kept well throughout.
Dandiroyal Sophie
2nd: McGuinness's Siwop Secret Wish
Well presented Mustard. Nice head and muzzle looking balanced, fine ears, in good coat. Would prefer a move defined topline.
Siwop Secret Wish

Novice Bitch1st: McGuinness's Siwop Secret WishSiwop Secret Wish

Graduate Bitch1st: Drake's Tollcross Thistledown
Pepper, my notes say. Well bodied, good muscle throughout. Good topline and forechest. She has a nice jacket and her slight downward curve over the croup shows her off beautifully when presented on the table.
Tollcross Thistledown
2nd: Brown's Florencemoon Meadow Rose
Longer cast than 1 and perhaps high on the hocks at the back. She has a good length of neck, a balanced head and foreface. Driving off well as she went round.
Florencemoon Meadow Rose
3rd: McGuinness's Siwop Secret WishSiwop Secret Wish

Postgraduate Bitch1st: Milton's Puddockswell Hot Lips Houlihan at Wilmit
A very well muscled pale mustard girl with good head to muzzle ratio, fine ears, good topline and tail set. A neat little bitch, not high on the hocks as 2. Changing her coat at the moment. Just wish she was a shade longer.
Puddockswell Hot Lips Houlihan at Wilmit
2nd: Brown's Florencemoon Meadow RoseFlorencemoon Meadow Rose

Limit Bitch1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Ice And Fire
Very well presented young mustard, well off for furnishings. Lovely length and topline, good head, dark nose, good mouth and teeth. Handles very well on the table and doesn't disappoint on the move. Happy Showgirl. One of the best for movement on the day. BB & BIS.
Cloverwood Ice And Fire
2nd: Bromley's Mishahda Vibrant Amber
Another well presented mustard with a sweet expression. Strong mouth, good teeth, good head on a strong neck. Liked her length and topline, fine ears. A little slimmer would show her shape off better perhaps.
Mishahda Vibrant Amber
3rd: Youngs's Dentgate OpalDentgate Opal
Res: Bell's Dandiroyal Rita SkeeterDandiroyal Rita Skeeter
VHC: Hubbard's Bonnybeck Chrystal Cascade at CrackerdogBonnybeck Chrystal Cascade at Crackerdog

Open Bitch1st: Buckley's German Dandies' Violetta
Well presented Feminine mustard in good coat. Good head and foreface, sweet expression, well developed prosturnum, good length of neck into long body. Showed her topline off when on the move.
German Dandies' Violetta
2nd: Rolland's Dandiroyal Puddleglum
Pepper wearing a crisp coat with a dark nose and good pigment. Low set ears on balanced head. I liked her good muzzle to skull proportions, length of neck and body. Lacking furnishings at the rear.
Dandiroyal Puddleglum
3rd: McGuinness's Siwop Secret WishSiwop Secret Wish

Veteran Bitch1st: Bell's Kirkhalin Mystic Prudence from Reidswire
Cracker by name and Cracker by nature. 7 yr s pepper. Strong muzzle, balanced head, cheeky expression, strong neck and nice length of body and good topline. She was certainly enjoying her day out. BV.
Kirkhalin Mystic Prudence from Reidswire

Brace1st: Drake'sDrake's




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