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DDTC Open Show

Newchurch Parish Hall, Culcheth, 22nd April 2012. Judge: Mr Frank Kane.


It was a great pleasure to judge the Open Show of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club. The breed is so endearing with their temperaments and with their melting expression. They are, however, quite challenging to judge when looking for the unique topline combined with correct size, coat and sound movement. The Open Dog and Limit Bitch classes were full of quality exhibits. Thank you all for a lovely afternoon. It was good to meet some very experienced people of the breed - and quite daunting to be under their scrutiny! Many thanks to my steward, Debbie Perry.

Best Dog Tinsley's Cloverwood Royal George Winners photo
Reserve Best Dog Morris's Cassencarrie Rumour Has It at Pennywave
Best Bitch & BIS Tinsley's Cloverwood Dozen Roses
Res BB & RBIS Heywood's Cloverwood Day By Day at Schalulleke
Best Puppy Deacon's Cassencarrie I Kid You Not
Best Veteran Morris's Hendell Tassel at Pennywave

Puppy Dog1st: Deacon's Cassencarrie I Kid You Not
10 months, mustard of excellent proportions in head and body. Eyes of good shape size and colour. Excellent front. Can let down a little in quarters to give more fall to croup and tailset. Good tail and carriage. BP.
Cassencarrie I Kid You Not

Novice Dog1st: Lowndes's Glendandy Star Catcher
19 months, mustard of good size and good body proportions. Good coat. Needs more rear angulation but quite good in front. Scored in rise of skull and muzzle. Ears a little short. Wonderful temperament.
Glendandy Star Catcher
2nd: Johnson's Avonview Beinn Heasgarnich
One year, pepper who moved very well. A little long in couplings but topline quite good. A little long in foreface and could have more stop and rise of skull. Coat not yet through.

Limit Dog1st: Shore's Swanwillow Clarion Call
20 months, mustard. Full size dog but has excellent structure, shape and movement. Good head proportions. Excellent forechest in which he scored. Coat could be better. Went very well with excellent tail carriage.
Swanwillow Clarion Call
2nd: Miller's Puddockswell Moon Shadow at Dryfevalley
4 years, pepper. I preferred his size to the winner, but not the gentle curves of the winner and a little flat in topline. Excellent head proportions, good coat. I would prefer more front angulation and forechest, and winner scored there.
Puddockswell Moon Shadow at Dryfevalley
3rd: Sleight's Cassencarrie Bobby VeeCassencarrie Bobby Vee at Bonnybeck
Res: Bromley's Mishahda Volcanic StormMishahda Volcanic Storm
VHC: Hansford's Cassencarrie Bonnie LadCassencarrie Bonnie Lad

Open Dog1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Royal George
22 months, of lovely size and good proportions. Excellent skull and foreface. I’d prefer a slightly darker eye. Scored in his tail and topline here. Excellent coat. Held his shape well on the move to take Best Dog.
Cloverwood Royal George
2nd: Morris's Cassencarrie Rumour Has It at Pennywave
22 months. Presses hard and I preferred his freedom of movement to the winner, but not quite the head proportions and I preferred the winner’s tail and carriage. RBD.
Cassencarrie Rumour Has It at Pennywave
3rd: Cox-Purcell's Ire Ch. Puddockswell Grey GranitePuddockswell Grey Granite for Daiszana

Puppy Bitch1st: Bromley's Cassencarrie Going Back to Mishahda
9 months, excellent movement won her the class. Lovely weasel shape to body. Could be a little shorter in foreface. Good coat. Needs a little more body but she is full of type and quality.
Cassencarrie Going Back to Mishahda
2nd: Miller's Puddockswell Truly Scrumptious at Dryfevalley
10 months, mustard, preferred her head to the winner but she was a little too fat and this affected her topline and front action. Great temperament. Full of promise.
Puddockswell Truly Scrumptious at Dryfevalley
3rd: Brookes's Berdinbrook Tea WyndBerdinbrook Tea Wynd

Junior Bitch1st: Skitt & Marshall's Duneideann Limited Edition
14 months. Excellent size and shape with weasel-like body lines which she holds on the move. Needs more body. Moved well. Needs time for coat. Good head proportions. Good chest and excellent tail and tail carriage. A lot of promise for the future when she is bodied up and coated.
Duneideann Limited Edition

Novice Bitch1st: Marshall's Duneideann First Edition
14 months, pepper of beautiful type, good length and excellent movement. Good coat. Head proportion excellent with good rise of skull, strong muzzle and good eyes. Full of quality and type. I liked her immediately and she was not far off in the challenge.
Duneideann First Edition

Graduate Bitch1st: Smith's Glendandy Twinkle Star
19 months, mustard, of lovely size and proportions with a lovely head. Excellent topline. Lovely coat. Could be a little better in front but scored in neck and a touch more feminine than 2.
Glendandy Twinkle Star
2nd: Brookes's Berdinbrook Ecco
19 months, pepper. Lovely size and has excellent ribs and chest but a little heavy in front and this showed in her front action and neck. Very good rear and good tail. The winner had a little more shape to her topline and less weight would help her.
Berdinbrook Ecco
3rd: Bell's Kirkhalin Mystic PrudenceKirkhalin Mystic Prudence from Reidswire
Res: Skitt's Deegandan RosemaryDeegandan Rosemary

Postgraduate Bitch1st: Deacon's Swanwillow Signature
19 month, easy winner of this class. Came into the ring favouring a hind leg on the move, but after examination was sound. Beautiful head and eyes, excellent proportion, good tail. Not very enthusiastic on the move but had the type and quality to win.
Swanwillow Signature
2nd: Smith's Somercloud Starprize at Glendandy
4 years, a little long and flat in body but she won this place on her movement. Good skull and eyes, foreface a little long.
Somercloud Starprize at Glendandy
3rd: Sleight's Cassencarrie MadelainaCassencarrie Madelaina at Bonnybeck

Limit Bitch1st: Heywood's Cloverwood Day By Day at Schalulleke
2 years, pepper. Grew on me after going over her. A lovely bitch for size and proportion and shape. She has a beautiful head and eye. Her ears could lie neater but she is lovely on the move. Needs a little more body on her to finish her but I liked her immensely. With a little more finish to body and presentation I feel she could really go places. Reserve Best In Show.
Cloverwood Day By Day at Schalulleke
2nd: Shore's Swanwillow She's Hot
22 months, mustard. Slightly bigger bitch with beautiful head and lovely eyes. Excellent rear movement. I thought she was just a little soft in body and couldn’t make the winner in front but a lovely bitch of great type throughout.
Swanwillow She's Hot
3rd: Tinsley's Cloverwood Sizzling GoldCloverwood Sizzling Gold
Res: Booth's Cloverwood Candlelight at LanniaCloverwood Candlelight at Lannia
VHC: Hunter's Puddockswell Hootin Annie at EtsillPuddockswell Hootin Annie at Etsill

Open Bitch1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Dozen Roses
2 years, beautiful bitch all through. Lovely proportions and body shape. Very good ears. Excellent ribbing and coat. Carried herself well with good rear drive, and quite accurate in front. Holds her shape well. Excellent body and good coat. Best In Show.
Cloverwood Dozen Roses
2nd: Morris's Pennywave Amaryllis
3 years, of good length, shown in lovely coat. Not the rise of skull of the winner or the cleanness of front action.
Pennywave Amaryllis

Veteran Bitch1st: Morris's Hendell Tassel at Pennywave
7 years, with wonderful temperament and excellent rear movement and tail. Good head and eye. A little heavy in body and short of top coat, but went round the ring with all the character and determination of the breed, and showed well for her young handler.
Hendell Tassel at Pennywave

Brace1st: Morris'sMorris's
2nd: Smith's
3rd: Sleight's
Res: Bromley's
VHC: Brookes's