Dandie name (or part name):


NEC Birmingham, 11th March 2012. Judge: Mr A Curry.


Dog CC & BOB Tinsley's Cloverwood Royal George Winners photo
Reserve Dog CC Chapman-King, late Jamieson & Buist's Ch. Inzievar Silver Gilt
Bitch CC Chapman-King, Eriksson & Hislop's Ch. Inzievar Gold Touch
Reserve Bitch CC Ray's Dentgate Sweet Symphony
Best Puppy Marshall's Duneideann First Edition

Veteran Dog1st: Chapman-King, late Jamieson & Buist's Ch. Inzievar Silver Gilt
Pepper of super type, large head, profuse topknot, big teeth, strong clean neck, correct body shape, well sprung ribs, powerful rear, moved and shown well. RCC.
Inzievar Silver Gilt
2nd: Hows's Kuddlemee Gershwin
Balanced head, good front and feet, in A1 coat and condition. Not so free moving as 1.
Kuddlemee Gershwin

Special Junior Dog1st: Shore's Swanwillow Clarion Call
Mustard, balanced outline, lovely head and eye, well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, correct body shape, strong quarters which he used to stride round the ring.
Swanwillow Clarion Call

Postgraduate Dog1st: Maganbar Applejack
Mustard, pleasing head, strong clean neck, good overall body proportions, moved out steadily. Would prefer neater front movement.
Maganbar Applejack

Limit Dog1st: Bromley's Mishahda Volcanic Storm
Pepper, strongly made head, dark eye, good angulation, correct body shape, in first class condition, moved soundly.
Mishahda Volcanic Storm
2nd: Morris's Cassencarrie Rumour Has It at Pennywave
Mustard. Not the head of 1. Clean neck, neat front and feet, long weasley body, in good coat, moved out well.
Cassencarrie Rumour Has It at Pennywave
3rd: Keevil & Bullock's Yazga Love The One You're With
Mustard, more workmanlike sort, not as big as 1 and 2 but nicely balanced. Well laid shoulders and strong rear, moved out soundly.
Yazga Love The One You're With
Res: Sleight's Cassencarrie Bobby VeeCassencarrie Bobby Vee at Bonnybeck
VHC: Hunter's Etsill Scapa FlowEtsill Scapa Flow
Miller's Puddockswell Moon Shadow at DryfevalleyPuddockswell Moon Shadow at Dryfevalley

Open Dog1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Royal George
Mustard, super size, lovely overall shape, large head, dark eye, big teeth, profuse topknot. Correct weasel shape body, strong well developed thighs, in lovely coat and condition, moved absolutely true, expertly shown. CC, BOB & G4.
Cloverwood Royal George
2nd: Denham's Ch. Scottsbairn Duke Of Ross
Pepper who I have placed highly in the past. Lovely head and eye, clean neck, good front, long body, big ribs and well developed rear, moved out soundly.
Scottsbairn Duke Of Ross
3rd: Couto & Maehara's Am Ch. Clossongrey As You Wish
Pepper. Longer cast and not so balanced as 1 and 2. Good head and eye, well angulated. Coat not in best order. Moved and shown well.
Clossongrey As You Wish
Res: Taucci's Sunjoy's A Kind Of MagicSunjoy's A Kind Of Magic
VHC: Skitt & Jones's Ch. Vistca VincentVistca Vincent
Butcher & Cox-Purcell's Puddockswell Grey Granite for DaiszanaPuddockswell Grey Granite for Daiszana
Kania-Huebner & Huebner's Ger Ch. Yazga Shining LightYazga Shining Light

Good Citizenship Dog1st: Sleight's Cassencarrie Bobby Vee
Mustard, good head, dark eye and correct bite, well ribbed, strong quarters, moved and shown well by his young handler.
Cassencarrie Bobby Vee at Bonnybeck

Veteran Bitch1st: Bromley's Ch. Mishahda Cinnamon Crumble
Pretty head, feminine expression, good overall shape. Carrying a little too much weight but moved soundly and enjoyed her day out.
Mishahda Cinnamon Crumble

Special Puppy Bitch1st: Marshall's Duneideann First Edition
Pepper, impresses with her lovely condition, feminine head and expression, profuse clear topknot, strong neck, neat legs and feet, good body shape, maturing nicely, moved and shown well. Definitely one to watch. BP.
Duneideann First Edition
2nd: Skitt & Marshall's Duneideann Limited Edition
Mustard, litter sister to 1 and has many of the same attributes. Needs a better jacket.
Duneideann Limited Edition

Special Junior Bitch1st: Fry's Inzievar Gold Thread
Pleasing head and expression, dark eye, good bite, clean neck, well laid shoulders, long body, good rear angulation, moved out well. Will improve with maturity.
Inzievar Gold Thread

Postgraduate Bitch1st: Shore's Swanwillow She's Hot
Mustard, very feminine, lovely profuse topknot, balanced head, good front and feet, correct body shape and proportions, in first class coat and condition, moved out well.
Swanwillow She's Hot
2nd: Brookes's Berdinbrook Ecco
Pepper, decent sort, nice weasely body shape, pleasing head, in good coat, moved soundly.
Berdinbrook Ecco
3rd: Sleight's Cassencarrie Madelaina
Good sized bitch, feminine head and expression, long strong body, moved well.
Cassencarrie Madelaina at Bonnybeck
Res: Rasmussen's Dentgate Summer SunriseDentgate Summer Sunrise
VHC: Bell's Kirkhalin Mystic PrudenceKirkhalin Mystic Prudence from Reidswire
Fry's Ludlay Bride Of LammermoorLudlay Bride Of Lammermoor
Lowe's Dentgate Summer SunsetDentgate Summer Sunset
Milliner's Millerim Rubis JeudiMillerim Rubis Jeudi

Limit Bitch1st: Ray's Dentgate Sweet Symphony
Lovely sized mustard, correct body shape, appealing head and expression, profuse topknot, good front and well developed quarters, in A1 condition, moved and shown well.
Dentgate Sweet Symphony
2nd: Tinsley's Cloverwood Sizzling Gold
Mustard, good bitch, excels in head, good reach of neck. Slightly longer in body than 1. Good rear angulation, moved out with drive.
Cloverwood Sizzling Gold
3rd: Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold Effect
Nice type of mustard, well angulated, lovely head and expression, well ribbed, in hard condition. Lacked the sparkle of 1 and 2.
Inzievar Gold Effect
Res: Bird's Etsill Shapinsay Sound with BirbrindaEtsill Shapinsay Sound with Birbrinda
VHC: Booth's Cloverwood Candlelight at LanniaCloverwood Candlelight at Lannia
Fry's Dentgate ConfettiDentgate Confetti
Milliner's Dengold Gypsy Moth at MillerimDengold Gypsy Moth at Millerim
Morris's Pennywave AmaryllisPennywave Amaryllis
Lowe's Dentgate Summer SunsetDentgate Summer Sunset

Open Bitch1st: Chapman-King, Eriksson & Hislop's Ch. Inzievar Gold Touch
I awarded this mustard BPB the last time I judged the breed and she has matured well. Very feminine, good size, super head and expression, correct body shape, in hard condition and absolutely sound on the move. CC.
Inzievar Gold Touch
2nd: Chapman-King & Hislop's Ch. Inzievar Royal Silver
Pepper, litter sister to 1 and has many of her attributes. Not so positive on the move and lacked her sisterís sparkle.
Inzievar Royal Silver
3rd: Russell's Ch/Aus Ch. Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmill
Mature pepper, lovely head and expression, good reach of neck. Slightly longer in body than 1 and 2. Strong quarters, in good coat and condition. Slightly untidy front movement.
Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmill
Res: Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold EditionInzievar Gold Edition
VHC: Weatherstone's Schalulleke Blueprint for BorderstoneSchalulleke Blueprint for Borderstone
Bird's Etsill Shapinsay Sound with BirbrindaEtsill Shapinsay Sound with Birbrinda
Lowe's Dentgate Summer SunsetDentgate Summer Sunset

Good Citizenship Bitch1st: Bell's Kirkhalin Mystic Prudence
Pepper, unplaced in her previous class. Would like her a little shorter. Pleasing head and eye, clean neck, in hard condition, moved well.
Kirkhalin Mystic Prudence from Reidswire