Dandie name (or part name):

Tollcross Thistledown
no pictureColour/Sex Pepper Bitchno flag
DOB10 Sep 2015
SireHawkesmill Jefferson at Etsill
DamDeegandan Bessie Surtees to Tollcross
OwnerPaul & Mary Drake
BreederPaul & Mary Drake

Tollcross Thistledown is from the Dr Syntax branch of the Old Ginger line.

Show Results

CDDTC Spring Open Show, 20th March 2016.   Judge: Mr Mike Vickers

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

National Terrier, 2nd April 2016.   Judge: Mrs Frances Chapman King

Minor Puppy Bitch - 2nd

Lovely quality pepper with an excellent forehand, feminine head with liquid expressive eyes, good bone legs and feet, shapely long body, well muscled quarters. In very good coat for age, and just right in her proportions all round. Defied all attempts by her handler to perform on the move. Litter sister to MPD and as promising too.

DDTC Open Show, 24th April 2016.   Judge: Donna Francis

Reserve Best Bitch

Minor Puppy Bitch - 1st

Birmingham National, 8th May 2016.   Judge: Mr Max King

Puppy Bitch - 1st

Pepper who won thios class on overall size and shape, head still to finish but of good proportions, body coming on well, a little lose behind.

Scottish Kennel Club 1, 22nd May 2016.   Judge: Mr Alan Norcross

Best Puppy

Puppy Bitch - 1st

Pepper. Litter sister to my Puppy Dog winner. Similar remarks apply just heads the dog in maturity, good prospects. BPB, BP.

Three Counties, 10th June 2016.   Judge: Mrs Glen Tinsley

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

Another one with a lot to like. Not as confident as 1, but just as pretty. Loved her big teeth and dark expressive eye. Just needs time and should do very well.

CDDTC Championship Show, 18th June 2016.   Judge: Mr Ronnie Irving

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

(P) head needs time to develop, very good coat, correct length of tail. Moved better than 3 here and had a good outline which she doesn't always show off to best advantage.

Border Union, 19th June 2016.   Judge: Mrs Jeanette Field

Puppy Bitch - 3rd

Windsor Championship Dog Show, 3rd July 2016.   Judge: Mr Paul Wilkinson

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

Salt & Pepper bitch, a good headed youngster, many thing to like about her, in excellent condition, nice coat, not very happy on the move today.

DDTC Championship Show, 10th July 2016.   Judge: Mr A P Stephenson

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

Leeds Championship Dog Show, 22nd July 2016.   Judge: Mr Peter Bakewell

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

Pleasing outline, feminine head and expression, good bone legs and feet, nicely made long body, well-muscled quarters. Lethargic on the moved today.

Welsh Kennel Club, 20th August 2016.   Judge: Mr David Guy

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

A pepper who was presented in super coat of good texture, needs to develop in head, good body, correct length of tail. On the move she was not as collected as the winner in profile.

Scottish Kennel Club 2, 27th August 2016.   Judge: Mrs C M Nicholson

Best Puppy

Puppy Dog/Bitch - 1st

11 months bitch who shows great promise. Lovely head with true Dandie expression. Good bite, sound front, well muscled with correct length of body. Well presented pepper coat, moved soundly. BP.

Midland Counties Canine Society, 27th October 2016.   Judge: Mr Stuart Plane

Junior Bitch - 1st

A p/s of very good type in fine form, balanced head with a good eye, correct mouth, well boned, good front, lovely rib and outline, used her quarters on the move.

Manchester Dog Show Society, 19th January 2017.   Judge: Mr Roger Crooks

Junior Bitch - 3rd

Crufts, 9th March 2017.   Judge: Miss E J Walkley

Junior Bitch - Res

CDDTC Spring Open Show, 19th March 2017.   Judge: Mrs Angie Miller

Graduate Bitch - 3rd

SDDTC Open Show, 9th April 2017.   Judge: Mrs Ann Deegan-Skitt

Postgraduate Bitch - 2nd

Pepper girl with lovely head and soulful expression Longer than one with greater length of loin. Coat coming which cost her today. Well presented. Reluctant at times.

DDTC Open Show, 23rd April 2017.   Judge: Mrs Margaret Russell

Reserve Best Bitch

Graduate Bitch - 1st

Pepper, my notes say. Well bodied, good muscle throughout. Good topline and forechest. She has a nice jacket and her slight downward curve over the croup shows her off beautifully when presented on the table.

Birmingham National, 4th May 2017.   Judge: Mr Martin Phillips

Postgraduate Bitch - 1st

Good balanced bitch with good bone for size, pleasing type with good head and expression, clean in front with good shape body, moved well.

Scottish Kennel Club 1, 21st May 2017.   Judge: Mr M J Armstrong

Postgraduate Bitch - 1st

Top class young bitch, feminine head with excellent eye and expression, nice keel, good neck and shoulder, nice body length, good ribs and topline, moved OK, in good body and coat.

Border Union, 17th June 2017.   Judge: Mr Les Aspin

Novice Bitch - 1st

Showing much promise, nicely balanced head, good bone, well laid shoulder, sound backline, quarters maturing nicely, promising exhibit.

CDDTC Championship Show, 18th June 2017.   Judge: Mrs Margaret MacDonald-Cross

Postgraduate Bitch - 1st

Another Pepper of 2 yrs. Feminine headpiece with lovely eye and expression. Nice topknot. Good neck and shoulder placement. Well ribbed, maintaining the correct body shape. Beautifully low to ground and moving with great confidence.

Windsor Championship Dog Show, 1st July 2017.   Judge: Mrs Beverly Deacon

Postgraduate Bitch - 3rd

DDTC Championship Show, 9th July 2017.   Judge: Mrs Sue McCourt

Postgraduate Bitch - 2nd

Bournemouth Canine Association, 13th August 2017.   Judge: Mrs Sheila Linter

Postgraduate Bitch - 2nd

Pepper bitch a little larger than No1 but still in proportion. Nice head and good angulation front and rear, good scissor bite, well padded feet. Good texture to coat , moves well with good hind action.

Welsh Kennel Club, 19th August 2017.   Judge: Mr Bob Blackley

Postgraduate Bitch - 3rd

SDDTC Championship Show, 10th September 2017.   Judge: Mrs Jane Withers

Postgraduate Bitch - 2nd

Driffield Agricultural Society, 30th September 2017.   Judge: Mrs Jackie Shore

Postgraduate Bitch - 2nd

Very typical, well balanced lovely head, good bite, straight front and good feet, inbetween coats at the moment, moved well both ways.

Midland Counties Canine Society, 27th October 2017.   Judge: Mr Paul Eardley

Postgraduate Bitch - 3rd