Dandie name (or part name):

Reidswire Border Bluebell
no pictureColour/Sex Pepper Bitchno flag
DOB10 Dec 2016
SireBorderstone Kingman for Lannia
DamLannia Harvest Charm from Reidswire
OwnerMrs M Poole
BreederSue & Rob Bell

Breeding summary for Purdey

Show Results

DDTC Championship Show, 9th July 2017.   Judge: Mrs Sue McCourt

Minor Puppy Bitch - 3rd

SDDTC Championship Show, 10th September 2017.   Judge: Mrs Jane Withers

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

South Wales Kennel Association, 8th October 2017.   Judge: Mr Alan Small

Puppy Dog/Bitch - Res

Midland Counties Canine Society, 27th October 2017.   Judge: Mr Paul Eardley

Junior Bitch - 2nd

10 months so was giving a bit away to the winner. Head still needs to mature. Presented a good outline and when she settled was quite steady.

Crufts, 9th March 2018.   Judge: Mr Paul Keevil

Junior Bitch - 3rd

I suspect a classic slow maturing Dandie. Still quite raw, but with a great coat coming and not over furnished.

National Terrier, 7th April 2018.   Judge: Miss Kathy Green

Junior Bitch - 2nd

Not as mature as 1st but has a nice eye and expression. Correct size, good coat. Not the movement of 1st.

SDDTC Open Show, 15th April 2018.   Judge: Mrs Cynthia Ray

Junior Bitch - 1st

Smart pepper who moved well both ways. Good crisp coat but carried her tail a little high.

DDTC Open Show, 22nd April 2018.   Judge: Mr Colin Powell

Junior Bitch - 2nd

Pepper. A standard well balanced bitch, with good pigmentation good dark eyes and gums, enough rib and good angulations, in good coat move well.

DDTC Championship Show, 8th July 2018.   Judge: Mrs Betty-Anne Stenmark

Graduate Bitch - 2nd

Pepper bitch who looked me right in the eye without blinking, charming feminine girl. She is of the old type and valuable for that, wearing a utility coat.

SDDTC Championship Show, 23rd September 2018.   Judge: Mrs Margaret Nicholson

Graduate Bitch - 1st
Postgraduate Bitch - 1st

(and Reidswire Lady Bryghte) Two really nice bitches. Half sisters. Both have lovely heads and typical Dandie expressions. Good necks and neat shoulders. Correct top lines. Just preferred movement of Bluebell. Good pepper coats well presented.

Midland Counties Canine Society, 27th October 2018.   Judge: Mr Keith Derry

Postgraduate Bitch - 3rd

Manchester Dog Show Society, 18th January 2019.   Judge: Mr Ronnie Irving

Postgraduate Bitch - 2nd

She and 3 were rather lacking in coat and she could move better. Good neck and OK shape. Good bone and feet.

Crufts, 9th March 2019.   Judge: Mrs Glen Tinsley

Postgraduate Bitch - VHC

National Terrier, 6th April 2019.   Judge: Mr Martin Phillips

Postgraduate Bitch - VHC

DDTC Open Show, 21st April 2019.   Judge: Ms Rachel Pearce

Postgraduate Bitch - 3rd

Border Union, 15th June 2019.   Judge: Mr A P Stephenson

Postgraduate Bitch - Res
Limit Bitch - 3rd

CDDTC Championship Show, 16th June 2019.   Judge: Mrs Jackie Shore

Postgraduate Bitch - 2nd
Limit Bitch - Res

Crufts 2018