Dandie name (or part name):

German Dandies' Zorro at Puddockswell
no pictureColour/Sex Pepper Dogno flag
DOB15 Aug 2016
SireCloverwood Royal George
DamGerman Dandies' Naomi
OwnerMiss M E Cavanagh
BreederMonika & Manfred Rosenbaum

Ozzie is from the Dr Syntax branch of the Old Ginger line.

Show Results

DDTC Open Show, 23rd April 2017.   Judge: Mrs Margaret Russell

Minor Puppy Dog - 1st

Lovely 7 month old pepper. Long and weasely. I liked his muzzle to skull proportions. He had a good topline and tailset, dark eye, strong mouth and was happy on the move although a little lose behind perhaps but purposeful all the same. BPD.

Border Union, 17th June 2017.   Judge: Mr Les Aspin

Puppy Dog - 2nd

Well balanced head, good eye and bite, clean, well boned front, good neck and shoulders, quarters look promising, presented very well.

CDDTC Championship Show, 18th June 2017.   Judge: Mrs Margaret MacDonald-Cross

Puppy Dog - 3rd

Windsor Championship Dog Show, 1st July 2017.   Judge: Mrs Beverly Deacon

Puppy Dog - 1st

11 mth well grown pepper, well boned and bodied. Ample skull for age. In full coat. Well ribbed, little loose behind. BPD.

DDTC Championship Show, 9th July 2017.   Judge: Mrs Sue McCourt

Puppy Dog - 1st

Leeds Championship Dog Show, 22nd July 2017.   Judge: Mr Albert Easdon

Reserve Best Dog

Puppy Dog - 1st

11 mths pepper and salt, large masculine head, large expressive round eyes, large nose with open nostrils, short muscular legs with strong bone, long, strong flexible body with slight arch over loin, correct tail set and carried well, double coat with softer undercoat, moved with confidence. Res BD.

City of Birmingham Canine Association, 2nd September 2017.   Judge: Mr W Browne-Cole

Junior Dog - 2nd

Good head shape and eyes, would prefer better bite, correct hocks, well sprung ribs, moved very well.

Driffield Agricultural Society, 30th September 2017.   Judge: Mrs Jackie Shore

Junior Dog - 1st
Yearling Dog - 1st

Pepper very much in the raw, but I liked him he is balanced, with a good topline, appealing head and expression, good bite, good in shoulder topline and tailset with straight front and good feet, although his nails could be shorter. He moved soundly with a jaunty gait, his owners should seek advice on presenting him better as he could be very smart.

Midland Counties Canine Society, 27th October 2017.   Judge: Mr Paul Eardley

Junior Dog - 3rd

Boston & District Canine Society, 7th January 2018.   Judge: Mr Tim Ball

Junior Dog - 1st

16 mth pepper who appealed for overall type, carries good bone and presented a very nice outline. Muscular neck of nice length, typical topline, rib developing well for age, strong loin and good tail for both set and carriage. Attractive head with broad skull, well domed forehead, good skull to muzzle proportions, strong muzzle and the best of eyes and ears. Soundly constructed boy with well laid shoulders, standing well in front on good feet and muscular hindquarters with well let down hocks. Showy youngster with a super temperament, moving out freely with good self carriage.

Manchester Dog Show Society, 18th January 2018.   Judge: Mr M Vickers

Junior Dog - 3rd

Crufts, 9th March 2018.   Judge: Mr Paul Keevil

Postgraduate Dog - VHC

National Terrier, 7th April 2018.   Judge: Miss Kathy Green

Postgraduate Dog - 2nd

Good lengh of body. Strong neck. Dark eyes. In good coat. Movement could be better.

DDTC Open Show, 22nd April 2018.   Judge: Mr Colin Powell

Postgraduate Dog - 1st

Pepper. Good coat colour and pigmentation, nice size, make and shape, good in head and bone, ribbed well and good topline and tail set, in good coat moved easily around the ring.

Birmingham National, 11th May 2018.   Judge: Mr Brian Kerrush

Postgraduate Dog - 2nd

Another pepper boy with pleasing head and expression, shown in good coat and moved well both ways.

Crufts, 9th March 2019.   Judge: Mrs Glen Tinsley

Postgraduate Dog - VHC