Dandie name (or part name):

Dandiroyal Rita Skeeter
no pictureColour/Sex Mustard Bitchno flag
DOB7 Oct 2014
SireCassencarrie I Kid You Not
DamClossongrey Marshwiggle Dandiroyal
OwnerMr Rob & Mrs Sue Bell
BreederMiss Sheila Rolland

Dandiroyal Rita Skeeter is from the Dr Syntax branch of the Old Ginger line.

Show Results

SDDTC Open Show, 12th April 2015.   Judge: Mr Peter Bakewell

Minor Puppy Bitch - Res

DDTC Open Show, 26th April 2015.   Judge: Mr David Guy

Minor Puppy Bitch - 3rd

Birmingham National, 9th May 2015.   Judge: Mr Harry O'Donoghue

Puppy Bitch - 3rd

Border Union, 20th June 2015.   Judge: Mr Alan Curry

Puppy Bitch - Res

CDDTC Championship Show, 21st June 2015.   Judge: Mr Keith Derry

Minor Puppy Bitch - 1st

8 months, mustard, feminine head with dark eye to tone, good front and rear construction with deep chest, nice length, moved very well.

Blackpool & District Canine Society, 26th June 2015.   Judge: Mr Moray Armstrong

Puppy Bitch - 3rd

Windsor Dog Show Society, 2nd July 2015.   Judge: Miss K Green

Puppy Bitch - VHC

DDTC Championship Show, 12th July 2015.   Judge: Mrs Jackie Shore

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

Mustard litter sister to 1 and has many of the same good points apply. Her coat needs to clear but is correct texture. Strong skull and good bite. Showed well.

Darlington Dog Show Society, 18th September 2015.   Judge: Mr Jim McGhie

Reserve Best Bitch, BP

Junior Dog/Bitch - 2nd

Typy bitch, good head, nicely shaped body of good length, good tailset.

SDDTC Championship Show, 27th September 2015.   Judge: Mrs Sheila Linter

Puppy Bitch - 2nd

Another very promising youngster with lovely head and expression, nice dark eye. She has a good shape to her body and is well angulated front and rear. Well padded feet. Lovely mustard coat. Moved well just needs to tighten a little in front.

South Wales Kennel Association, 10th October 2015.   Judge: Miss Louisa Henry

Reserve Best Bitch

Junior Dog/Bitch - 1st

Pleasing mustard bitch with correct head and dark round eyes. Well laid shoulders, good body length and muscular rear. Moved well while keeping shape throughout. Showing correct jacket. RBB.

Crufts, 13th March 2016.   Judge: Mr Brian Kerrush

Postgraduate Bitch - 3rd

Petite mustard, moved well but lacking in topline.

National Terrier, 2nd April 2016.   Judge: Mrs Frances Chapman King

Junior Bitch - Res

SDDTC Open Show, 10th April 2016.   Judge: Dr Emma Greenway

Postgraduate Bitch - 1st

Overall a pleasing mustard bitch sound moving and of good length. Presented in excellent coat. Would have preferred a lower tail set.

DDTC Open Show, 24th April 2016.   Judge: Donna Francis

Novice Bitch - 1st

Three Counties, 10th June 2016.   Judge: Mrs Glen Tinsley

Reserve Bitch CC

Postgraduate Bitch - 1st

Very pretty headed bitch of nice size, good length of body with good ribbing, lovely topline and tailset. Loved her front and rear angulation. Very nice coat. Moved well. RCC.

CDDTC Championship Show, 18th June 2016.   Judge: Mr Ronnie Irving

Postgraduate Bitch - 2nd

(M) pleasing type without exaggeration, could be better in ear colour. Very pleasing head and expression, good eye OK in neck, coat in good condition Correct outline moving around the ring. A close decision between these two.

Border Union, 19th June 2016.   Judge: Mrs Jeanette Field

Limit Bitch - 1st

Very feminine mustard in excellent coat, moved positively and held a good outline. Good head and eyes and very well presented.

Windsor Championship Dog Show, 3rd July 2016.   Judge: Mr Paul Wilkinson

Postgraduate Bitch - 3rd

DDTC Championship Show, 10th July 2016.   Judge: Mr A P Stephenson

Graduate Bitch - 1st

Mustard. Strong head. Sound in body. Tail well up. On the day moved better. Had under-coat, needs more attention to coat.

Welsh Kennel Club, 20th August 2016.   Judge: Mr David Guy

Limit Bitch - 3rd

SDDTC Championship Show, 25th September 2016.   Judge: Miss Mike Macbeth

Limit Bitch - 3rd

National Terrier, 1st April 2017.   Judge: Mrs C E Cartledge

Limit Bitch - 3rd

SDDTC Open Show, 9th April 2017.   Judge: Mrs Ann Deegan-Skitt

Reserve Best Bitch

Limit Bitch - 1st

Mustard with strong head and fore face. Crispest coat. Greater length and gentler toppling which won her the class today. Overall type and balance won her through to RBB.

DDTC Open Show, 23rd April 2017.   Judge: Mrs Margaret Russell

Limit Bitch - Res

Birmingham National, 4th May 2017.   Judge: Mr Martin Phillips

Limit Bitch - 2nd

Good honest bitch of good type, OK in front, would like a little more neck, good body shape, sound on the move.

Border Union, 17th June 2017.   Judge: Mr Les Aspin

Limit Bitch - 1st

Very good expression, dark eye and good pigmentation, sound front, good brisket, nicely laid shoulder, very good backline, well shaped quarters, presented and handled well.

CDDTC Championship Show, 18th June 2017.   Judge: Mrs Margaret MacDonald-Cross

Limit Bitch - 2nd

This confident young Mustard lady possesses a pretty headpiece, nice reachy neck and a very smartly presented jacket. A lovely type of Dandie but not the body shape of 1. Moved well both ends.

Windsor Championship Dog Show, 1st July 2017.   Judge: Mrs Beverly Deacon

Limit Bitch - 1st

Bigger mustard who was carrying a little weight on the day. Good pigment, strong head and big teeth. Well muscled behind.

DDTC Championship Show, 9th July 2017.   Judge: Mrs Sue McCourt

Limit Bitch - 3rd

Midland Counties Canine Society, 27th October 2017.   Judge: Mr Paul Eardley

Open Bitch - 3rd

SDDTC Open Show, 15th April 2018.   Judge: Mrs Cynthia Ray

Limit Bitch - 2nd

Good head, dark eye and showed a good top line when moving. Just preferred movement of 1).

CDDTC Championship Show 2015

DDTC Open Show 2015