18 Oct 1907
Allerly Gypsy

18 Oct 1909
Master Reynard

18 Oct 1927
Old Mortality
St Conals Bet

18 Oct 1928
Canford Rebate
Canford Super Tax
Dr. Syn of Canford
Dr. Tax of Canford

18 Oct 1936
Bellmead Silver Sin

18 Oct 1947
Buccleuch Nymph
Buccleuch Sprite

18 Oct 1958
Sterncrest Bonnie Jean

18 Oct 1958
Heather of Dunrovin

18 Oct 1966
Griffmont Eudora
Griffmont Ewena
Griffmont Moira

18 Oct 1968
Am Ch. Abington's Holly

18 Oct 1969
Bellmead Silver Buckle
Bellmead Sun In The Morning
Bellmead Sweet Genevieve

18 Oct 1975
Balachan Beck And Call
Am Ch. Balachan Bubble 'N' Squeak
Balachan Buck And Wing
Balachan Sheba

18 Oct 1978
Cadichon All That Glitters

18 Oct 1984
Cadichon's Dandie Man

18 Oct 1985
Clan O'Dandies' Patience
Clan O'Dandies' Pepper
Clan O'Dandies' Pioneer
Clan O'Dandies' Piper
Ger Ch. Clan O'Dandies' Piroska

18 Oct 1986
Swanwillow Farthing
Int Ch. Swanwillow Golden Guinea at Amansan
no picture
Swanwillow Penny Piece
Swanwillow Threepenny Bit

18 Oct 1987
Maximus Angus
Maximus Ashley
Maximus Genie

18 Oct 1990
Florina's Pamela
Ger Ch. Florina's Pearl
Florina's Pelham
Florina's Phillip
Florina's Phyllis

18 Oct 1992
Dentgate Brambles Delight
Dentgate Brambley
Dentgate Harvest Moon
Dentgate Pippin
Dentgate Russet
Dentgate Star Wizard

18 Oct 1994
Lachlan Beau Brummell
Lachlan Hebe

18 Oct 1999
Swanwillow Bewitched
Swanwillow Firecracker at Pajantick
Swanwillow Firedancer
Swanwillow Shooting Star

18 Oct 2004
Am Ch. Dermont's Tricky Business

18 Oct 2006
Oaksleigh Honey Bee
Oaksleigh Minnehaha of Sylvanken
no picture
Oaksleigh What Katy Did
no picture

18 Oct 2010
Northaw Armani Black
Northaw Armani Diamonds
Northaw Co Co Chanel
Northaw Diesel Fuel For Life
Northaw Hugo Boss